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3827 Foothill Blvd., La Crescenta, CA 91214 

KR Nida is an authorized dealer for BK Radio, EF Johnson, Hytera, Icom, Kenwood and Pyramid products. We can integrate these, or any other brand of radios and devices into our products. 

K.R. Nida Communications

  1. Communication when it matters most!

    K.R. Nida Communications

    Decades of experience in the communications equipment industry.

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  2. Any Customization for your unique needs!​We can build to your specifications, or make a selection from our existing inventory of products.

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  3. Our Tactical Communication Systems Are Guaranteed For All Emergency Situations

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All K.R. Nida products are now offered with the new   K-2 Li-Iron battery packs that offer a longer charge.
All of our tactical communications systems products are now available with multi-band radios.
Feel free to drop us a note, ask a question about our products. We will get back to you right away.

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Radio communications is a vital component of prehospital care. Information needs to be reliable, concise and provide an accurate description of the patient’s condition as well as treatment rendered. That’s why K.R. Nida has partnered with General Devices CAREpoint system.

Emergency departments should be equipped with the best technology to ensure they’re ready for anything, and with CAREpoint™ Workstation, you’ll never miss a beat. Receive, respond to, forward, and document phone and radio calls, faxes, emails, 12-Lead ECGs, and all other EMS to hospital communications and information in one easy-to-use, HIPAA-secure, system. All CAREpoint™ data is automatically recorded, logged, time-stamped and immediately available for instant playback to answer urgent questions or for later review. Be in the forefront with CAREpoint™ Workstation.

  1. Communication there, when you need it the most.

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  2. Our Tactical Communications Systems Include: Interoperability, Push To Talk Satellite Phones and Portable Repeaters
    Factory Authorized Sales & Service: BK/RELM, EF Johnson, Hytera, Icom, Kenwood, Ligado & Pyramid.


Communications in the field for all
purposes.No matter what the situation is, we are always available, especially when it matters most!



With the founder’s extensive three decades of EMS, Law & Fire experience, all of our tactical communications systems have been thoroughly tested through time and extreme conditions to be reliable. We have had the honor of having our many products deployed to various local and ​world-wide emergency incidents including the 2001 Attack on the World Trade Center, 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, 2005 Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, 2011 New Zealand Earthquake, 2011 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami and many others.

In any emergency all communication matters.  That is why we have made our products to stand, under all circumstances and emergencies.

Our Products
Emergency Operations Center - DOC - CERT - Earthquake - Hurricane - Disaster Communications
Public Safety - Hospital - Business Resumption Consultation - Tactical Communications Systems
We want to know how we can serve you better. 
Feel free to drop us a note, ask a question about our products. We will get back to you right away.